WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About us


The founders of Vapor Craze are e­cigarette enthusiasts committed to educating, growing, and supporting our community of fellow vapers.

By sharing the knowledge we have gained with time and experience, we are committed to helping others make the life changing decision to stop smoking tobacco and embrace vaping.

Electronic cigarettes are not just the wave of the future, as communities are quickly endorsing the products and culture surrounding vaping to a degree that has surpassed all industry expectations! By offering a wide variety of devices and e-liquid flavors, we continue to strive to make further gains in the public's acceptance of e­cigarettes as the most enjoyable and effective alternative to tobacco use.

We have waded through the good and the bad of the e­cigarette industry to find products that we can proudly share with the worldwide community of Vapers, pledging to only sell products that have been personally tested by the Vapor Craze Crew, and with which we are completely satisfied.

This is not a hobby - This is a lifestyle! Are you ready to join the Vapor Craze?


Vapor Craze began as www.310vapers.com in 2010 with only 1 product, drop shipping from another company, with no perminent stock on hand.

Within a few months we gained recognition in infancy of this industry; for our pricing, customer service, and quick shipping. After some time and gains in capital, 310 was able to keep its own stock. Every cent of capital was put back into the company, with the goal of strong industry growth and increasing our product line. Less than a year later, after receiving so much interest from customers across the globe, we began distribution worldwide, and are proud that we are now capable of reaching customers anywhere in the world!

Within two years, with our reputation still growing as an industry leader, mod makers began offering us exclusive contracts with the knowledge that we could provide their highly demanded products to anyone, anywhere around the world. Thanks to our increasingly strong following online, we became the goto website in the industry for all exclusive and high end mods. It was at that time, in October 2012, the decision was made to open a brick and mortar store in Long Beach, California. The Vapor Craze flagship location! Where we began mixing our own liquids on site, to help keep the cost of vaping for our customers as low as possible. After all, our end goal is to help grow the community of vapors and help smokers free themselves from the dangers of tobacco, what better way to incentivise than through monetary savings!

Less than a year later, we opened multiple store, two websites (310vapers.com, vaporcraze.net), and an exclusive distribution warehouse based in the Port of Long Beach. We further grew our brand by hosting our own electronic cigarette convention, Vapetoberfest, resounding success which we intend to make into the greatest annual Vaping trade show in California!

Vapor Craze currently manufactures our own product line of high end devices and popular e-­liquids with the help of our engineers, machinists, and a new FDA standards liquid mixing facility. This, alongside our exclusive distributors in San Jose, Las Vegas, Washington, France, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Germany makes the Vapor Craze label instantly recognizable as an industry leader.